Specialized blockchain network

A public programmable blockchain infrastructure developed on the interoperable Substrate / Polkadot technology.

Decentralized trusted third parties

logion network validators are European Judicials Officers. They secure the network and put their skills at the benefit of the blockchain environment.

What logion guarantees?

Legal security

Judicial Officers as validators brings an additional layer of security to the blockchain: their responsibility that secures the infrastructure with a good fatherly administration of their node and their skills, their public authority that secure the transactions.


logion ensures competitive and stable transactions fees. The presence of Judicial Officers eliminates the need to deploy complex algorithms protecting the network while the “gas fees” is pegged to a stable value.


Thanks to Polkadot technology, logion blockchain network is interoperable. Blockchain interconnection enables ecosystems to leverage their specific functionalities by exchanging any type of data with each other.


Judicial officers can be multi signatories of the on-chain logion wallet. They are true sequesters keeping crypto assets and tokens in escrow to secure financial transactions.”

Wallet management

Judicial Officers can manage exceptional cases arising from the holding of the logion wallet. They offer true legal recourses in the event of theft, fraud, operational incident or life incident such as disability or death of the logion wallet owner.

Proof reinforcement

Unique process of transaction, content and data verification (human oracle capabilities) that may result in the production of a certification (validation by digital identity) and bailiff’s report (authentic act).

How logion secures the WEB3 ?

By integrating professional decentralized trusted third parties to the blockchain technology

Decentralized governance

logion is hosted in a non-profit organization being a fully decentralized legal structure managed by its own stakeholders (team, validators, advisors, investors).

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