logion, a public, programmable blockchain network secured by decentralized European Judicial Officers

Double staking consensus

logion blockchain network is secured by a double staking consensus:

Validation nodes are administered by sworn and identified European Judicial Officers putting their responsibility and their reputation at stake;

A minimum staking contribution is required from European judicial officers to ensure a responsible maintenance of their node.

Polkadot-Substrate is building the future  of blockchain technology!

If one talks about the V3 of the blockchain with Polkadot, logion could be a V4 that will bridge some of the gaps between technology and real life by bringing confidence through known references as Judicial Officers

Two essential elements to secure data and assets on logion

To ensure the security of data and digital assets entrusted to the ecosystem, logion requires two specific components

Multisig wallet

The logion wallet is an on-chain, multisig wallet that can be connected to Judicial Officers.

Having an on-chain wallet is more secure than off-chain wallet since its security is distributed between the network nodes.

The multisig nature secures the operations (eg. Crypto assets transfer) by requiring a validation by multiple parties to authorize their execution. This validation is operating by signing operations with a pre-defined number of keys. This number is initially determined with the owner. As such, if the owner loses his or her key, or unfortunately disappears, the tokens are recoverable.

Judicial officers can be appointed to be one of the key-holders of a logion wallet. They guarantee the respect of (legal) conditions to unlock the assets (ID, contract…).

Decentralized storage

A blockchain infrastructure is not meant to hold every bit of data contained in files. It can record hashes but storing the content of any files would be impossible. Still, holding a document on a blockchain ensures its immutability and security with a distributed storage. This is why a decentralized storage network, working as a distributed database linked to the logion blockchain, is added as a tool guaranteeing the authenticity and the security of its content.

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