European Judicial Officers as network validators bring legal foundations at the heart of the blockchain technology

How validators bring legal security to the WEB3, the blockchain ecosystem?

Infrastructure approach


Trusted nodes

European Judicial Officers are professional trusted third parties. They reinforce the security brought by the blockchain technology and the consensus by extending it in a legal framework:

sanctionable legal rules for responsible nodes administration

sworn public authority for securing transactions

professional secrecy and natural alignment with data protection regulations for privacy compliance

Accountable nodes

The identity of our Judicial Officers will be publicly disclosed.

Knowing who secures the network makes validators accountable for their actions and exposes them to legal action in the event of misconduct.

European Judicial Officers secure transactions by putting their skills at the service of the blockchain environment. They have the public authority to:

  • Sequester funds
  • Execute sensitive transactions
  • Draw up authentic acts
  • Certify and verify data, content
  • Store confidential data and sensitive documents

These skills, at the service of logion blockchain network, bring legal foundations to blockchain operations.

First validator network of 10 European Judicial Officers created !

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